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contact the Director of Social Work Services, Lori James-Townes, MSW, LCSW-C at

OPD Recruits Social Work Field Placement Interns in March and April.

Our Field Placement Internship Programs begin in September and run through April.

Opportunities are available for undergraduate and graduate social work students.

To apply, see your school field instruction office.


Social Work Field Placements

OPD offers social work students a variety of opportunities, including clinically-based and legislative advocacy field placements.

Social work field placements are for undergraduate and graduate students already in an accredited social work program.

Social work field placement interns work with attorneys, law clerks, investigators and paralegals as part of a“holistic defense” which seeks to assess the cultural, mental health,employment, educational, and social needs of indigent clients charged with criminal offenses.

Field Placement Brochure

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