Forensics Division

Jeffrey Gilleran, Chief

Office of the Public Defender
Forensics Division
6 St. Paul Street, Suite 1400
Baltimore, MD 21202

Forensics Division

The OPD Forensics Division provides training, as well as technical and litigation support to OPD attorneys in order to facilitate effective use and cross examination of forensic experts.

In that regard, the Forensics Division has been charged with the following:

  • Formalize collaborative relations with Districts/Divisions to increase the utilization of forensic experts and to ascertain forensics needs specific to the individual Districts/Divisions
  • Develop experts in all present and emerging forensic fields
  • Provide individualized and specialized training in the respective Districts/Divisions
  • Provide trial support in cases with forensic evidence
  • Draft and litigate comprehensive forensic discovery motions
  • Litigation by the Division of unique or groundbreaking litigation
  • Development and maintenance of a forensic expert transcript databank

OPD’s Forensics Division has quickly become noted nationally as one of the premier Forensic Science litigation units in the country. The tragic and continuing saga of wrongful convictions is that many are avoidable had there been meaningful scrutiny of the scientific evidence.


Major Crimes and Complex Litigation Division

The Major Crimes and Complex Litigation Division provides instruction, support, consultation, and direct representation in homicides and other complex criminal litigation cases. The Division incorporates the agency’s core values of client-centered and tenacious advocacy by utilizing a multidisciplinary collaborative team approach to major litigation based on a capital defense model. The Division also provides advanced litigation training incorporating a comprehensive, integrated approach to litigation, advanced motions practice, team representation, advanced mitigation advocacy and complex litigation strategy.