MD OPD Baltimore City Youthful Defendant UnitMD OPD Baltimore City Youthful Defendant UnitMD OPD Baltimore City Youthful Defendant Unit

The Youthful Defendant Unit (YDU) is a group of attorneys, social workers, and staff from the Maryland Office of the Public Defender who represent children charged as adults in Baltimore City.

We work as a team to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We take pride in representing our clients zealously and comprehensively and we recognize that an important part of our work takes place outside the courtroom.

About YDU

Our representation includes all phases of the criminal case, including arraignment, trial, and motions to transfer jurisdiction to juvenile court.  If our client is transferred to the juvenile court system, our team follows the client to juvenile court. 

We continue to represent our clients in post-disposition matters and welcome calls from our clients after a case is “closed.”

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Get A Lawyer

The Assistant Public Defenders of the Youthful Defendant Unit are experienced criminal defense attorneys who are licensed to practice law in Maryland.

You may apply for representation at Office of the Public Defender locations throughout the State of Maryland. You do not need to apply in the same county or city where you were arrested or where you will go to court. 

Contact YDU

Youthful Defendant Unit
Office of the Public Defender
217 E. Redwood Street, Suite 1000
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Phone: 410-209-8676
Fax: 410-209-8696

Commonly Used Numbers:
OPD Central Booking 410-209-4437
OPD Baltimore City Main Number 410-333-4900
OPD Baltimore City Juvenile Court 443-263-6360
BCDC 410-209-4001
Eager Street Academy 410-209-4091
BCJJC 443-263-8998

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