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Better Together Early Family Advocacy Program

An initiative of MOPD’s Parental Defense Division.

A project in Baltimore City that aims to reduce court involvement and prevent family separation.

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What is the Better Together Program?

The Better Together Program supports families facing investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) before a case is opened in court, and pregnant women likely to face CPS investigation at birth. We provide legal assistance, community services, and peer support to prevent CPS from removing children from their parents, and keep children in the home with their families whenever possible. Our team of lawyers, a social worker, and parent advocates work with parents to solve problems that could lead to their children being removed.

Our Services

The Better Together program provides families with individual support, including:

A Lawyer

Help with Housing Issues

Help with State Benefits

Accompanying Parents for Home Inspections and Visits from CPS

Other Services That Your Family May Need

Help with Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

Referrals for Substance or Mental Health Treatment

Supplies for Your Newborn or Children

Creating a Plan for Your Children to Remain Home Safely

Need Help? Contact Us 

Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm





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