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Law students 

OPD offers a hands-on experience for current law students to assist in the client-centered and team-based representation of OPD clients. This unparalleled experience allows law clerks to assist in providing comprehensive advocacy.  Law clerks are fully integrated into our trial teams and work closely with attorneys, investigators, paralegals, social workers and other support staff to ensure our clients receive the best representation possible. Law clerks typically engage in significant research and writing, witness preparation, investigations, and/or trial preparation. Please keep in mind, due to the ongoing pandemic, opportunities may be virtual or modified. 


These are unpaid volunteer positions; however, where applicable we will support externs seeking credits for their work with OPD as well as sponsor grant or other outside funding applications.


Law clerks opportunities exist during the spring semester (January-May), fall semester (September-December) and summer (May-August).  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.   


OPD is a large organization that provides an array of opportunities for law students. The following are the Districts and Divisions that host law clerks:

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