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College Students

OPD is a large organization that provides an array of opportunities. Offering a hands-on experience for current undergraduate, paralegal studies, and graduate students to assist in the client-centered and team-based representation of OPD clients. This unparalleled experience allows interns to be fully incorporated into OPD’s innovative and strategic approach to aggressive litigation and comprehensive advocacy.  Current law students should click here for more information about OPD's law clerk program. 


The vast majority of our interns work in our District offices assisting our trial attorneys in the representation of adult and juvenile clients in criminal cases.  OPD has 12 District offices spread across the State of Maryland. If you are interested in trial work you want to request placement with one of our District offices (the specific office would depend on your geographical preferences and transportation). 


Some of OPD's more specialized division also provide internship opportunities.  These smaller divisions offer a unique opportunity to work closely with a smaller group of attorneys in a more highly specialized area of the law. The following offices host interns (please note the location of these offices in parentheses):

criminal trial (All Locations)

Post Conviction Defenders (Baltimore City)

Parental Defense (Rockville, Upper Marlboro, Baltimore City, Towson, Snow Hill) 

Forensics (Baltimore City)  

Juvenile (All locations)

Legal Affairs






We accept applications on a rolling basis.  Offers are extended for spring semester (roughly January-May), fall semester (roughly September-December), or the summer (May-August).  These are unpaid volunteer positions; however, where appropriate and applicable, OPD is willing to provide supervision for credit as well as sponsor grant or other outside funding applications.

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